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Whaley withdraws from Governor’s race, endorses Cordray-Sutton ticket

Press Release | January 12, 2018

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley today announced that she is withdrawing from the race for Ohio Governor and endorsing former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray for the Democratic nomination.

Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Profile: Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley

WDTN Dayton | January 9, 2018

Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Whaley (D) talks with 2 NEWS’ Brooke Moore about how she would bring local issues to the state level if chosen as the governor.

Whaley adds endorsements from women leaders across Ohio

Press Release | January 4, 2018

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley today announced additional endorsements from women community leaders across Ohio – South Euclid Mayor Georgine Welo, Highland Hills Councilwoman Lillian Moore and Springfield Assistant Mayor Joyce Chilton.

Feature: Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Nan Whaley

NBC 4 | December 27, 2017

When you talk to Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley about her life, it becomes clear quickly one person has had a massive impact on who she is and what she stands for.

New Whaley ad praises work, promises jobs

Columbus Dispatch | December 19, 2017

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley has released a new internet ad touting the dignity of work as she seeks the Democratic nomination for governor.

Marshaling Resources to Combat an Epidemic

Cover2 Resources | December 19, 2017

Greg interviews Nan Whaley, the Mayor of the City of Dayton, Ohio. Out of the top 10 cities in the U.S. marred by the opioid epidemic, three are in Ohio and one of the top ones is Dayton. Since her election, Mayor Whaley has worked to aggressively combat the crisis sweeping the state and affecting her community.

Nan Whaley pledges to put Ohioans back to work in campaign video

Press Release | December 19, 2017

Dayton Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley today released a campaign video about the dignity of work and her dedication to bringing good-paying careers back to Ohio once she’s elected Governor.

Local labor groups back Whaley for Ohio Governor

Press Release | December 14, 2017

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley added the IBEW Local 82, Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 162 and IAFF Local 136 to the growing list of local leaders and groups endorsing her campaign.

New jobs expected at Dayton airport next year

Dayton Daily News | December 7, 2017

“This is probably the largest job growth in the region that’s happening,” said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley.

Whaley adds more local community leaders to list of endorsers

Press Release | December 7, 2017

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley today announced endorsements of her campaign for Governor from another group of local elected officials, adding their support to a growing list of community leaders and labor organizations from around Ohio.

Criticism mounts over approval of marijuana-growing licenses

Toledo Blade | December 6, 2017

“The sheer inequity and double standard here should be lost on no one,” said Ms. Whaley, a Democratic candidate for governor. “A Department of Commerce contractor with a felony was able to get off on probation and later secure a $150,000 government contract.”

Whaley: Dept. of Commerce oversight another example of the Columbus double standard

Press Release | December 6, 2017

This is no way to start out a brand-new industry and department in our state. Such a gross oversight undermines any confidence Ohioans would have had in the system. And it further proves that we need an effective, fair and competent leader in the Governor’s Office.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley offers fresh vision for Ohio’s future

Press Release | December 5, 2017

My campaign has been presenting Ohio Democrats with a clear choice this election, one that combines executive experience with a record of accomplishment, including universal pre-K for every four-year-old in Dayton, job creation and holding the big pharmaceutical companies accountable for the opioid crisis.

‘This is class warfare’: Tax vote sparks political brawl over populism that will carry into 2018 elections

Washington Post | December 2, 2017

“Who actually wants this thing?” asked Nan Whaley, the mayor of Dayton, who’s running for the Democratic nomination for governor. “The Realtors, the governors, the mayors, the universities, the hospitals — they don’t want it. Who does, except their donors?”

With rusted Republicans teaming up, Whaley offers clear choice for bold, new leadership for Ohio’s future

Press Release | November 30, 2017

Just what Ohioans don’t need. Another decade of bad ideas from two rusted Republican politicians who, together, have been running for office for nearly 60 years. This is the same party that’s had 25 years of running Ohio without getting it right. It’s the same GOP that hasn’t created jobs – only created a culture of corruption, and Ohioans aren’t better off.

Whaley: Renacci putting head in the sand to avoid heroin crisis while Ohioans deserve action

Press Release | November 29, 2017

It’s a shame that Congressman Jim Renacci, a Washington, D.C. insider who obviously doesn’t know what is going on in Ohio, is putting his head in the sand when it comes to the heroin epidemic that’s devastating our state. This is a typical response that we’ve come to expect from out-of-touch D.C. politicians. Ohioans deserve better, and we deserve action.

A vital real estate tax break to preserve Main Street USA may be cut by the GOP

CNBC | November 29, 2017

Nan Whaley, the Democratic mayor of Dayton, Ohio, put it more bluntly: “For midsize cities like Dayton, HTCs are the avenue, not one avenue” for how these urban revitalization projects are financed. The old Dayton Arcade complex of seven buildings in the city center has been vacant since 1992 and is currently under redevelopment, but the mayor said, “If the HTC goes, it’s over.”

Whaley Proposes Nickel Per Dose Surcharge For Opioid Distributors To Combat Epidemic

Plunderbund | November 27, 2017

Dayton Mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Nan Whaley has announced a plan to implement a nickel per dose surcharge on opioid distributors once she’s elected governor of Ohio, a press release last week said.

Destiny of the Heartland

PBS – The Open Mind | November 18, 2017

Mayor Nan Whaley of Dayton, Ohio, candidate for governor, talks about the legacy and future of Rust Belt politics.

Taylor Communications to move 600 employees downtown by early 2018

Dayton Daily News | November 15, 2017

It’s hard to remember the last time a company moved hundreds of employees into downtown Dayton. Likely decades, said Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley.