With rusted Republicans teaming up, Whaley offers clear choice for bold, new leadership for Ohio’s future

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Following today’s announcement that Mike DeWine and Jon Husted will team up for the Republican Party gubernatorial ticket, Spokeswoman for Nan Whaley for Governor Faith Oltman released the following statement:

“Just what Ohioans don’t need. Another decade of bad ideas from two rusted Republican politicians who, together, have been running for office for nearly 60 years. This is the same party that’s had 25 years of running Ohio without getting it right. It’s the same GOP that hasn’t created jobs – only created a culture of corruption, and Ohioans aren’t better off.

“In stark contrast, Nan Whaley is working every day to tackle our state’s challenges head-on. She’s holding the big drug companies accountable for the heroin crisis. She has a plan to create jobs and to restore the dignity of work – just like she’s done in Dayton. She is a bold, fresh leader for the new future of Ohio. That’s what we need.”