Whaley: Heroin epidemic defining moment for Trump presidency, must provide more than lip service

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

President Trump announced today that he will declare a national state of emergency on the opioid epidemic.

Dayton Mayor and candidate for Ohio Governor Nan Whaley – who was one of the first mayors in Ohio to declare a state of emergency on the epidemic – released the following statement in response:

“I’m glad Trump finally decided to listen to the leaders, health experts and everyday Americans who have been asking for help. Trump’s presidency is at a defining moment. Declaring a state of emergency is a step forward, one that the City of Dayton took years ago, because this epidemic needs to be dealt with like a natural disaster.

“But this is only a start, Trump must make a genuine commitment to addressing this epidemic. That includes holding the big drug companies accountable. He cannot simply give lip service to the Americans who are dying and the families who are suffering because the heroin epidemic was largely created by drug companies. We deserve justice.”

In June, Dayton was the first city in Ohio and fourth in the nation to sue the big drug companies, manufacturers and doctors responsible for the heroin epidemic.

Whaley has also worked to ensure that all of Dayton’s first responders are equipped with life-saving Naloxone. And at the U.S. Conference of Mayors, she led an effort to pass a resolution to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the damage they’ve done.