Local leaders from around Ohio endorse Nan Whaley for Governor

Friday, August 18th, 2017

A group of local elected leaders from across Ohio have announced their endorsement of Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley for Governor of Ohio.

“I’m so grateful for the endorsement of so many local leaders who are constantly working to get things done and make our communities stronger,” said Whaley. “We feel momentum growing every day for this grassroots movement to bring bold, new leadership to Columbus. And I’m excited to work with these leaders to move Ohio forward.”

Here is what some local leaders are saying about Nan:

“I support Nan because she’s a mayor who knows how to get things done,” said Athens Mayor Steve Patterson. “Our cities are where the rubber meets the road, where we can’t look away from the challenges ahead of us. I know Nan will work tirelessly to hold the big drug companies accountable for the heroin epidemic they created. And she’ll partner with our communities to make advances in jobs and technology, like working to extend broadband. Nan gets it, and I know she’ll get it done for Ohio.”

“There is no one better suited to be our next governor than my friend and fellow mayor, Nan Whaley,” said Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley. “Nan has spent her career standing up for the middle class and progressive values. She will take that determination into the governor’s office and be a governor for every Ohioan. Nan is a true public servant.”

“Looking at the inaction in Washington and Columbus, it doesn’t take long to realize that the work gets done on the local level,” said Mayor of Cleveland Heights Cheryl Stephens. “I’m endorsing Nan Whaley for Governor because Ohioans deserve a governor who works just as hard as they do. And Nan will work hard for us.”

“Our state needs bold new leadership,” said Columbus City Council Member Liz Brown. “And no one knows leadership like our mayors. I’m endorsing Mayor Nan Whaley for Governor because of her proven record in Dayton. I know Nan will bring that same commitment to Ohio families, neighborhoods and the middle class when she is governor.”

“I’m endorsing Nan Whaley for Governor because she has the courage to stand by her convictions,” said Columbus City Council Member Jaiza Page. “She brings a fresh new perspective that Democrats and Ohioans need, and she’s not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get things done. Nan gets it done in Dayton, and I know she’ll get it done for Ohio.”

“I’ve worked alongside Nan for years,” said Montgomery County Auditor Karl Keith. “She has the passion, leadership skills and bold new ideas that Ohio needs. I’m endorsing her today because she’ll be a governor who works for all of us, and she knows how to get things done.”

“I’m endorsing Nan Whaley for Governor because she is an extremely hard worker that has enthusiastically found innovative solutions that have greatly benefited Dayton,” said Dayton City Commissioner Joey D. Williams. “Nan offers bold leadership, new ideas and a fresh perspective that can benefit Ohio.”

“Through my own experiences working with Nan, I know she is the right choice for Ohio,” said Summit County Council Member Liz Walters. “Over the course of her career, Nan has been a proven leader that gets things done. She will find real-world solutions for any challenge facing Ohio by ensuring every perspective, idea and community is heard.”

Local leaders endorsing Nan Whaley for Governor include:

Steve Patterson, Mayor of Athens
Warren Copeland, Mayor of Springfield
Cheryl Stephens, Mayor of Cleveland Heights
Ben Kessler, Mayor of Bexley
Liz Brown, Columbus City Council
Jaiza Page, Columbus City Council
John Cranley, Mayor of Cincinnati
Lindsay Webb, Toledo City Council
Greg Brush, Montgomery County Clerk of Courts
Dick Church, Jr., Mayor of Miamisburg
Judy Dodge, Montgomery County Commissioner
Dan Foley, Montgomery County Commissioner
Paul Gruner, Montgomery County Engineer
Mat Heck, Jr., Montgomery County Prosecuting Attorney
Matt Joseph, Dayton City Commissioner
Karl Keith, Montgomery County Auditor
Debbie Lieberman, Montgomery County Commissioner
Jeff Mims, Jr., Dayton City Commissioner
Mark Owens, Dayton Municipal Clerk of Courts
Carolyn Rice, Montgomery County Treasurer
David Seagraves, Mayor of Brookville
Chris Shaw, Dayton City Commissioner
Joey D. Williams, Dayton City Commissioner
Larry Hartlaub, Ottawa County Auditor
Luke Feeney, Mayor of Chillicothe
Liz Walters, Summit County Council
Tony Eufinger, Paris Township Trustee